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17/04/2008 10:11:06

Dear Mr Siew,

Need your clarification on below :

After we take BIK (hostel/ company car) into the consideration in employee EA Form, but the Borang CP 8D (Penyata Saraan Dari Penggajian Untuk Tahun Yang Berakhir 31/12/2007) , under the columm of 'Jumlah Gaji dsb' did not show the amount of BIK. is that correct ?

Because from my understanding is the amount of 'Jumlah Gaji dsb' should be the same with total amount for all employee EA form. And the 'Jumlah Gaji dsb' should inclusive of BIk, rite ?

Pls correct me if i m wrong.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
17/04/2008 12:26:40
I think you should consult your company secretary or accountant /auditor about such matter. I don't know much about such matter.
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