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15/04/2008 15:47:55
Re: casual worker

Mr. Siew,

1. What is the difference of contract worker and casual worker? Can we convert a contract worker to permanent worker just by giving a letter of conversion?
2. What is the difference of Wages and salary?
3. If a staff joined on 1/1/2008 with 3 month's probationary period, can we confirm him on 1/5/2008 without giving a letter saying that his probationary period has been extended to another month?
4. If the management forgot to issue a confirmation letter which is on 1/1/08 to a staff and after three months (1/4/08) only realised this, can we type the confirmation letter using today date or the date before confirmation ( confirmation date is 1/1/08)?
5. If a staff submitted a resignation letter on 1/108 by giving one month's notice, the resignation is effective from 1/1/08 of 31/1/08 or 1/2/08?

Thank you for your time!
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KL Siew
15/04/2008 18:57:05
1. To me, a contract worker is one engaged for a certain period of time while casual worker is one engaged on an ad hoc basis. For example, the grass in the factory compound needs to be cut, you call some one to do the job and you pay him for that, then he is a casual worker and not an employee. You can convert a contract worker to be a permanent worker if the other party agrees to it.

2. The Employment Act uses 'wages'. To me, the two terms are interchangeable. Look up the dictionary if you want the dictionary meaning.

3. I do not know any law to say you cannot do that.

4. You can use to present date in the letter but mention that the confirmation was effective 1/1/08.

5. Read Section 12(4) quoted below:

" (4) Such notice shall be written and may be given at any time, and the day on which the notice is given shall be included in the period of the notice..."
His last working day should be 31/1
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