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lee s n
15/04/2008 15:35:41
Re: show cause/warning letter/DI

mr. siew

Do every warning letter can be given only after show cause letter given to staff? Can we issue first warning for lateness, second warning for other nature of misconduct? Some said every times there is different offences, first warning must be given first.

For your opinion, who is the best person to issue show cause or warning letter? HR or Departmental Head?

Who will be the best person as prosecutor at a DI? Is there any website that i can find for procedure of DI?

Thanks a lot!

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KL Siew
15/04/2008 15:48:03
In my opinion, different warnings letter should be to different offences committed at different time. Some departmental heads do give their own warnings while some will report the matter to the HR and let HR tackle it. It all depends on the individual practice of companies.

As for DI procedures, you may find a simple one in the home page of this website under "Domestic Inquiry ".
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30/11/2018 11:43:38

My staff - right palm is fractured. I want to clarify is the staff medical as normal medical sick leave or hospitalisation leave. The doctor gave treatment and gave mc for 14 days and continue 21 days. Thank you.
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