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10/04/2008 23:31:15
Re: Can an employer Sue your for running a sole propreitorship?


i have a dormant sole propreitorship company way before i'm working for this company x.

the point is, i've already resigned from this company on mutual terms. but suddently i overheard that the boss wants to sue me because he found out of my company. my questions is, can my ex boss do that? and if so what sort of grounds can he do it?

additional information.
what my company does and what company x does is different. the business activities had never interfere with my work as the jobs was done by one of my temp staff who is serving existing client request.
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KL Siew
11/04/2008 23:13:02
He wants to sue you for what? You only heard about it, why not just wait and see whether he is really going to do it. If he ever sues you, consult a lawyer.
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12/04/2008 00:52:32
are you saying my previous message nothing to be sued? or dunno on which grounds he want to sue..?
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KL Siew
12/04/2008 08:41:52
dunno on which grounds he want to sue.
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