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10/04/2008 20:01:58
Re: Reduction in Bonus paid

Dear Mr Siow

I am an Insurance Loss Adjuster with an international company. Recently, my company has paid our annual bonus, but specifically for me, it does not follow the bonus scheme announced previously. For me, the company gave me bonus on a discretionally basis, which is less than half of what I would have if they were to follow the announced scheme, which was based on our billings (amount we bill insurers). For 2007, the amount that I billed was in the top three of our company (for adjuster level).

Last year, my job scope changed slightly when I was assigned to take over one account and the job scope changed slightly, but my position in the company continues to be as an adjuster. Prior to my taking over the account, I had requested that the billings made for this account be taken as part of my budget which the company agreed. I now cannot understand why my bonus is on a discretional basis when I have far exceeded the budget given to me.

Do I have any basis for requesting the company to give me the bonus according to the bonus scheme?

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KL Siew
11/04/2008 23:05:56
Was the bonus payment for 2007 different from those in the previous years? I think you should talk to the company about it. I am not sure if I could give you a proper advice.
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