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09/04/2008 16:36:57
Re: Payment of salary upon resignation

I resigned from my previous working place by giving 1 month notice since i'm a permanent staff. Since i had unutilised annual leave, i utilised it upon my resignation

My actual last date of work should be on the 19 Dec 2007. Since i utilised my annual leave, the last day was on 5 Dec 2007.

Recently when i was there to collect my pay, the pay was only calculated for the working days in the month divided by a total of 26 days. When I enquired, the HR admin informed me that the calculation is as per stated in the employment law.

The calculation was:
13 days is excluding sundays and saturdays. We only work 5 days a week.

My questions:
1) Is the method of calculation used is correct. I've checked the employment act, but i didn't come across anything like that.
2)When are we suppose to adopt the 26 days calculation?
3)Where can I get the documentation/evidence to show my previous HR if their calculation of salary is not correct.
4)When am I suppose to get my pay upon resignation.
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KL Siew
09/04/2008 22:07:51
I doubt the calculation is correct. The best authority is the Labour Department. Consult the Labour Department , if the department gives you a different calculation, tell your former HR about it.
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