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09/04/2008 13:47:03
Re: Working in Australia but got problem with internet bill..

Hi I'm Isaac.. i working under S'pore 1 big company and they transfer me to Australia for 3 month working period and this is my second time (with allowance of AUD1000.00 permonth and including transportation)
The problem is this time,When i reach there..1 of the staff from oversea just resign and he terminate the phone and internet line.So i asking Management for the internet at Apartment.Then they give me USB internet Connection and let me used.i using until last friday and the account told me that the internet bill is cost 7-8k AUD.. i was so SHOCK.. the account there will check with internet provider and if the amount is correct. I had to pay them using cutting my salary... it's fair for me?

1. they didn't told me tha charge of the internet.
2. they give me the USB internet connection with over limit for the packages and let me used with told me anything. ( packages is 200MB for 60-80AUD).
3.Now they want to cut my salary...
4.i used it because i need to chatting with my wife and family because using internet chatting is a cheaper way and some time surfing the net for passing my time.
5.Is that this simple internet or phone should supply by company? since we working in oversea with little allowance.

Please give some advise for me.. Thanks.
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KL Siew
09/04/2008 14:22:57
I think I have make it clear that this has nothing to do with Singapore labour laws or Malaysian labour laws. It is common sense (I don't mean to be rude). Employees should not use the facility provided by their employer for private purposes unless specifically approved. If you do so, you pay for it, fair enough. I dare not advise you to complain to the Singapore Labour Department also.
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