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09/04/2008 13:26:08
Re: Unpaid Leave

Dear Mr. Siew,

How to calculate for monthly pay for unpaid leave?
May i know the calculation formula?

Thank you,
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KL Siew
09/04/2008 13:59:39
You may use : (salary/number of days in the month) x No. of unpaid leave
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09/04/2008 14:32:47
Thank you for your reply,

May i know which section in the EA reflect to this calculation?

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KL Siew
09/04/2008 21:51:01
There is no provision in the EA for calculation of unpaid leave, balance of salary etc. It is just simple arithmetic. When an employee is paid a certain amount of salary per month, his salary per day should be salary/number of days in a month, isn't it?

You may be having the '26 days' in mind. '26 days' is used for calculation of ORP (ordinary rate of pay) for annual leave, sick leave, overtime etc under Part XII of the EA and the '26 days' is in the formula mentioned in Section 60I

Consult the Labour Department about this also and let us have the feedback if there is a different way for the calculation of unpaid leave.
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24/09/2008 17:17:51
My company practises a totally different calculation although we are employed on a monthly wage. Our working days are Mon-Fri. What they do is that let's say for the month of September 2008 we work only 22 days,not counting Saturdays and Sundays. The way they calculate our unpaid leave is our (salary/22days)x No.unpaid leave. Which means that our unpaid leave comes up to about RM100+ per day.Is this alright by labour law?
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