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08/04/2008 16:15:49
Re: resigned n joined backed.Should I consider as new/old staff?


Hope u can give me a helping hand.

i received a warning letter from my current company on year 2006. then aug 2007 i had been resigned.........
On sept 2007, i joined backed this old company as new staff. i need to go for another 6 month probation.B4 this they cheated me i am considered as old staff.
No need go for probation again.When year end coming, then, they said i not entittle for bonus since i am still considered as new staff.Can i sue them?I already got black n white offer letter(saiding i am consider as a old staff)

on apr 2008, if i received a new warning letter, Am i consider i got 1 or 2 warning letter?Can the company can sack me immmediately?

p/s: on year 2007, there is another "IT staff",He resigned n joined backed this company and he no need go for another probation.he strict away considered as old staff. Can I complained it to labour law?


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KL Siew
08/04/2008 17:00:12
You resigned in August and rejoined the company in September of the same, looks to me there no break in service. But you will still have to look at the new contract of service. If it says you are new employee subjecting to probation and so on, so you are a new employee. All the warnings you received before should also be disregarded and cannot be taken into consideration. Whatever it is, you have to look at the new contract. Bring a copy of the new contract of service and consult one of the officer at the Labour Department.
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