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08/04/2008 11:11:43
Re: Pressured to resign

Pls advise if there are any legal grounds against company on this case:

1) Long serving staff for more than 10 years
2) She has been working in same division, similiar roles for also >10 years
3) There were sereval change of supervisors and previous supervisors were ok with her performance
4) She however has been diagnosed with slip disc for last > 2 years and she has been seeking treatment. Therefore, she has been on MC periodically. But she also shared openly with her supervisors.
5) A year ago, she has new supervisor. The new supervisor appear not happy at all with her. She has been "pressured" heavily by her new supervisor.
6) Due to deteriorating condition, probably caused by work stress, she decided to resign although that means she will lost her hugh amount of ESOS expected in 4 months time.
7) When she submit her resignation letter, the new supervisor didn't even mention workable ways or arrangement, so that she can stay for another 4 months, in order to enjoy the ESOS payment. The supervisor choose to be numb about the matter.
8) She is now left jobless and family to care for, in additional with her health problem and less income.

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KL Siew
08/04/2008 12:13:11
That's very unfortunate. She should have consulted someone before she decided to resign. As it is now, I don't think there is much she can do about it.
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SM Chew
12/06/2008 13:33:25
Pressure to resign

1Working more than 20 years and the company had change management 2 years ago.
Recently the company was soing very bad due to no sales and left the workers including me doing nothing.
The management had registered to another company name without officially informed to all the workers.
Then the management de-registered and also not officially informed to all the workers.
Lately the company delayed more the 7 days to release their salary to them. Even this they gave only 1/2 month salary for the past 2 months WITHOUT giving any reasons.

Please can you advice what should we do. If we had to resign we would have lost all our benefits. If not we will be pressure to resign
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