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07/04/2008 22:33:09
Re: exceeding working hours

im currently working in a company for 10.5 hours every mon to fri. and now they extended another half an hour to my working hour make it 11 hours daily. i need to work another 5 hours on saturday( once per month). im not paid on overtime. and now my company want me to work on saturday twice per month for the replacement of half an hour they had extended. is it what they do is right according to the labour law ? that's mean i need to work 10.5 hours daily on mon to fri and 5 hours of saturday twice a month.
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KL Siew
07/04/2008 22:49:45
Keep copies of all the time cards so that you can use them as evidence in case you want to claims against the company. Meanwhile talk to them about your working long hours and overtime payment because if you don't, they may take advantage of you.
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