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05/04/2008 23:57:23
Re: transfer

Good day, i just want to confirm whether a staff can be transfered to another dept where the work is not according to his position.
Example : A technician is asked to do a operator's job.
The Company's argument is there's excess technician and they do not want to terminate anybody.
Is it allowed under the EA with such reasons?
Currently the staffs are working under protest.
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KL Siew
06/04/2008 08:23:16
If there is reduction in salary and position then it can be viewed as demotion or even termination of contract of service by employer. That employee can complain to the Labour Department.

Sometimes when there is not enough work, an employee may be asked to 'help out' in other sections. This is not unusual in smaller factories. When you don't have enough work, don't just sit there waiting for machines to break down. Find something to do or help out in other sections without being asked to do. You will feel better that way.

Anyway, I don't know the full facts and that employee can consult the Labour Department if necessary.
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