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intan dianna
28/03/2008 00:49:43
Re: is there any law for practical students?

just wonder whether is there any law in malaysia for practical student.
are we, protected under labour law? what if our employer insist us to work more then we suppose to, for example from 9am to 11pm and cancel our weekend off days just because they run out of manpower. and what about our wages? i read somewhere before that under labour law in california stated that intern must get their paid accordingly, suitable with their work loads. and do the company's insurance will cover us if anything bad happens during our industrial training?
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KL Siew
28/03/2008 07:29:41
You are right in raising those questions. First you should raise you questions to your own institution pertaining to the terms and conditions of the attachment to the particular industry, and tell them the problems faced by you like being asked to work long hours, working on weekends and so on. If you can't get satisfactory answers, you should visit the Labour Department and talk to one of the officers there. They may be able to help to find from the employer about your working conditions.
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