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27/03/2008 12:34:33
Re: management of labour

plz tell me briefly abt..if an outsourcing company (have licence) (Company ''A sdn. bhd.'' )wants to hire another management company (Company "B management sdn. bhd.) which is not having outsourcing license to just do the management of the foriegn workers ,(like residency,transport and recieve payment from the employer and give salary ,advance to the forien workers etc.),is it according to malaysian law.?

workers' work permit under company A and renewal of workpermit will also company A do.

please explain it to me?
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KL Siew
27/03/2008 15:07:42
I don't see anything wrong with that. A employer can always contract out part of his work to contractors. For example, factories contract out the transport of workers to outside contractors to transport their workers instead of buying their own buses to do the work.There are employers who employ outside security firms to supply guards to guard their premises rather that employing their own security guards.
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