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Girija Subramaniam
26/03/2008 12:09:03
Re: Peers Rating & Subordinate Rate their superior

Hi to all,

I'm in the midst of implementing peers rating and bosses rating (subordinate rate the superior) in my organization. The total work force is only 27 employees.

Can anyone share a sample?

Peers rating is to rate the same level? Example Executive rate other Executives, Manager rate other Managers or overal - entire working colleague? How does that work?

Appreciate your help.

Girija Subramaniam
HR & Admin - PKFZ
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KL Siew
26/03/2008 17:37:18
I can't say much because I do not have such experience. To me, the best person to ask is the person who suggested such a peer rating exercise. He or she may know how to go about it. One thing I know is that such exercise if not handled properly, can lead to lots of ill feelings among the staff.

Can anyone help?
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