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Jenny Yen
24/03/2008 14:58:20
Re: OT Rate

We would like checked whether the rate that we listed is correct

1. Public holiday ( x 2 )
2. Gazzetted holiday ( x 3 )

We have called the labour office & they seems to say that both rate should be x 3

Please advice.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
24/03/2008 15:17:07
What is the difference between public holiday and gazetted holiday? In fact all public holidays are gazetted holidays. So, 3x is correct.

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24/03/2008 15:41:04
how much is salary entitlement for overtime wages? there any ammendments from RM2.5K minimum?...this is falls under subsection (2) from section 2 rite?
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KL Siew
24/03/2008 16:18:02
I am not aware of any such amendment to 2.5K. Why not ask the Labour Department about this and let us know?
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