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20/03/2008 11:06:07
Re: mc

This is the first job of my colleague. She has been working in this company as a clerk for almost 2 years. Her salary is less than RM1000.

Recently, she was given 2 days MC but her fever did not subside till the 4th day. She did not visit the doctor again but instead she amended the MC from 2 day to 4 days without realizing the seriousness of her action.

As this was a non-panel clinic, she wrote a letter to HR to recognize her MCs on humanitarian gounds, but as it turns out, she was instead charged with cheating and asked to terminate her employment immediately or a board of inquiry will be held against her resulting in her being sacked.

It is unfair and unjust for she had been actually given 2 days MC from the non-panel clinic and she did not even claim the medical expenses. She should have been given a deduction in salary for the 4 days unrecognized MC instead.

And for someone so young and just fresh from school and inexperienced and a good employee with proven good track record, I feel that she should be given a second chance.

Maybe a final warning where a punishment of suspension without wages not exceeding a period of 2 weeks should be imposed instead.
She is a non-union member.

There were cases of ex-employees who were given second chances and then there were case of some who were just terminated immediately. I feel that fair and just action should have been viewed on the merit of each case.

Her superiors have appealed for her case but to no avail.
Is there anything we can do to stop her from being terminated on grounds of cheating?

Need your kind advice urgently.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
20/03/2008 12:57:54
Amending MC is a pretty serious offence. She has done something very unwise. You can help her to consult the Industrial Relations Department for what sort of action she should take, that is whether to resign or face a domestic inquiry which may result in her dismissal. An advice from the Industrial Relations Department will be more proper because there may be past decided cases by courts about such type of offence.
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