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18/03/2008 15:44:02
Re: Unfair treatment

I have been working in this company for two years as an executive and my salary is above RM2k.

Last month, my child was sick for 2 consecutive working days and I couldn't go to work. I informed my superior and colleague on my whereabouts via sms on both days. When I came back to work the next next day and applied for the emergency leave also showing proof that my child is really sick, my superior rejected my application by saying that informing via sms is not valid and I should've called and for that I was considered absent and my pay has been deducted by the HR dept. I felt that this is unfair. Of course with child being sick is unintentional and it's not that I never inform my superiors about me not coming to work.

Please advise me on what is the definition of absenteeism in Msian Labor Law and wether the company has a right to reject my application and wether noticing superior via sms is valid or not?

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KL Siew
18/03/2008 16:48:19
It is more a communication problem and not so much about labour law. It will be better for you to bring up the matter with your HR department. Also ask them whether SMS is acceptable for notifying purposes so that such misunderstanding can be avoided in future. You may consult the Labour Department or the Industrial Relations Department if you think necessary.
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18/03/2008 17:15:30
Regarding this matter, I've already bring this up to the HR Dept and getting a feedback that my leave is not approved unless my boss have approve it and sms is not allowed.

Yes, I may want to consult with the respective government bodies but I am not sure on where to go or how. Would really appreciate if you can help me at least a contact number

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KL Siew
18/03/2008 21:15:34
I don't in which State you are working. You may check tho phone numbers of those department in the Home page of this web site under item "Telephone Contact Numbers". Click on it and choose the relevant department.
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