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14/03/2008 13:47:22
Re: deduction of salary

can i know whether a private sector company has the right to deduct one day salary as a punishment for workers that are constantly late to work. for instance, working hours started at 8:30am but some of the workers come in at 9 or later than that. i understand that we do have the right to give them a warning letter and once three warning letters are given, they will be terminated automatically. however, do we still have the right to deduct their salary for one day instead of giving warning letter?
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KL Siew
14/03/2008 15:54:08
That is a lenient punishment and I don't think it is going to be effective. Not a good practice. If rules is very clear about it, I would not say the employer cannot do it. To me, giving warnings and later taking disciplinary action may be a better practice.
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