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13/03/2008 17:38:35
Re: annual leave

i have 1 employee joined the company 1/7/07, and he resign on 27/3/08 give company one month notice , does he have annual leave , how to calculate he salary ( his salary is RM1150)

calculation: 1150/31x27 , annual leave is 8/12x8days per year
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13/03/2008 17:43:15
sorry he resign on 27/2/08 give one month notice that is 27/3/08
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KL Siew
13/03/2008 19:57:06
His annual leave entitlement for 7 completed months= (8/12)x7=5 days
The calculation of leave pay should be (1150/26)x5 days = 221.15
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