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3/11/2015 11:38:42 AM
Re: Warning Letter regarding Lateness

I'm from HR Dept

For one staff lateness problem, my director ask me give she 2 warning letter for 2 month lateness.
1st - Reason: Often late come to work on Jan'15 - 31 times & 119 minutes
2nd - Reason: Often late come to work on Feb'15 - 3 times & 27 minutes
3rd - Maybe will out on next month
Because our company deduct lateness is over 30 min & 5 times
If i issue the warning letter like 2nd letter, is ok or not?
Isn't give her 3 warning letter that's mean terminate this staff direct?

And last question is i know this staff maybe will take action for sue our company by labour office. Can i get advise from you.

Thanks. =)
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