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KL Siew

4/5/2010 2:21:41 PM
Re: Announcement

KL Siew will not be available to answer visitors' queries from today until 17 April. Will some of you be kind enough to help to do the answering in whatever ways you can during his absence? Thank you.
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sk tan
2/17/2012 9:17:02 PM
2 year contract with employer..if i terminate now (1year after the contract), they said must paid 5000 as compensation which said in the agreement, i ask labour dept, they say only paid 2mths, salary as compensation, so how?
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3/24/2012 2:24:52 AM
I have same problem too. I signed an agreement with company that if i terminate before the contract period, i need to undertake to repay company a sum of RM1,000. But i still in probation period. So is the agreement still valid? will i need to repay RM1000 to company if im still under probation? Thanks
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