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1/3/2010 11:53:20 AM
Re: working full day.

My normal working hour is 8am~4pm,1hr break.Sometimes my company asking me to work full time,means 8am~10.30pm/11pm,but my company only give me 1hr break(means i only have lunch break,and don't hv dinner at that day).It is possible?What can i do?Can i sue the company?
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KL Siew
1/3/2010 2:04:25 PM
They will have to pay you overtime wages. If they didn't pay you, you can complain.
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1/15/2010 2:51:10 PM
I am a advertising student from UTAR. Currently attending the industrial training in a event company. My salary is RM 400 per month. The company required us to do promoter jon in saturday and sunday without allowances, but will give us holiday in next month. I request to the company that i do not want to do promoter job, because i know that i cant rest in saturday & sunday in whole month of January. If i reject to do so i will be get deduction marks from my indurial training report, what should i do now?
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