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Mei Ling

3/23/2010 9:58:31 AM
Re: 解雇的计算法!

请问怎样计算被解雇的薪金? 我是从1999年九月一日做到现在. 还有, 赔偿金是否要deduct EPF , Socso & STD.

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KL Siew
3/24/2010 9:09:56 AM
You may refer to the Employment(Termination and Layoff Benefits)Regulation for details.

You may have to refer the questions about EPF, SOCSO etc to those organisations concerned.
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3/30/2010 11:43:18 AM
i star work at nov 2009 and resign on april 2010, so i got how many day annual leave
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12/16/2011 12:29:35 AM
I'm working in a company for 10 years and this company currently acquired by an US company, ownership change and employee contract was issued by this new company, my service year will calculate from the new employment date, am I rite ? Can I ask for compensation from this new company for 10 years service which is forfeit by this new company ? If I retrench by this new company, what can I request ? What should I do to protect myself ?
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