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2/24/2010 2:52:00 PM
Re: Immediate Termination

I've been working in current employer abt 1 1/2 months, till today i still didn receive any appointment letter or any equivalent letter. I wish to terminate / resign immediately without giving notice, izit possible since there's no appointment letter??
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KL Siew
2/24/2010 4:23:45 PM
The Employment Act ( which covers employees with salary not exceeding RM1500) requires 4 weeks notice to be given when there is nothing mentioning about notice period for termination of service. In any case, you better ask your HR about notice requirement for resignation.
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2/27/2010 10:51:14 AM
如果公司开除员工并依照条规赔赏员工,那雇主赔赏员工的工资还需要还EPF 和 SOCSO吗?
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KL Siew

2/27/2010 2:55:40 PM
zoe, 你最好打个电话向EPF和SOCSO询问
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