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2/9/2010 4:22:42 PM
Re: 如何算Resign Notice

我在 2/2/2010 提交 Resign Letter 給我的Head, 我的Resign Notice是 2 weeks, 因此我在信上註明我的last day 是在16/2/2010, 但是HR 說公司的procedures 是 <今天給信,明天生效>. 通知我必須服務至16/2/2010. 如果我在 16/2/2010 absent的話, 我將不會享有 public holiday的薪水.

請問真的是不會享有 public holiday的薪水嗎? Notice真的是隔天生效嗎?如果我真的不能在 16/2/2010 去工作的話, 是算 absent 還是可以算unpaid? 我的head 說他是不會sign leave form, 我可以當作是unpaid嗎?

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KL Siew
2/9/2010 7:08:26 PM
我想知道你们的公司16 Feb 照常营业吗?不是CYN补假?
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2/10/2010 4:52:05 PM
是的,16/2/2010 是正常的工作日, 因為CYN 14/2/10 的补假是补在13/2/2010?我是工作6天的.
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2/10/2010 6:39:03 PM

I have submitted my resignation letter to my company on 1st of february.
As required by the terms of my employment contract, I am serving TWO (2) weeks notice.
As such, my last day of employment will be 12th February 2010. This is what written in
my resignation letter. Now, my company say they donít have to pay me 14 days because
in my letter i written last day is 12th february so they can just pay me for 12 days
according to Malaysian labour law. Is this true? The 2 weeks notice are including
weekends and my company is 5 working days per week. so company should pay
me 12 or 14 days?

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