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2/7/2010 1:32:11 AM
Re: Resignation during probation period

my appointment letter stated that termination notice is 24 hours under probation period and now i'm under probation period, is it my resignation need to be approve superior? and 24 hours means after submit resignation letter on the spot leaving or still need to work until next working day?
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KL Siew
2/7/2010 9:54:25 AM
You just go at the end of the day's work. Whether approved or not approved, you will still go, isn't it?
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3/18/2010 2:06:31 PM
my apointment letter also stated that termination is 2week notice when i under probation, and probation period is 3month. i join that company on 1st Dec09, now is 18th Mar already, they no give me the comfirm letter to sign. so, now i still in probation? if i want resign is it 1month notice or 2week notice?
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5/8/2013 11:41:22 PM

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