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5/18/2015 7:45:59 PM
Re: Got warning letter and annual leave deduction for not informong

I have been working in this company for more than 2 years. Last week, I fell sick, went to visit a doctor. The doctor gave me a letter for 2 days of medical leave.

I informed the company that I am taking 1 day medical leave (So if I get better I will be back to work the next day).

On the 2nd day, I did not get better, so stayed at home. However I did not inform the company on the 2nd day.

When I got back to the company the 3rd day, my boss say because I fail to inform him about the 2nd day Medical Leave, he will deduct 1 day of my annual leave. On top of that, he asked me to sign a warning letter for not informing the company of my 2nd day medical leave (which I did not sign).

1) Does the boss have a right to deduct my annual leave even though I got a valid medical leave letter from the company panel of doctors?

2) Does the boss have a right to give me a warning letter for just not informing him on that day of medical leave?

3)Do I have a case to sue if I get terminated for this warning letter?

(FYI, I inform the company about the medical leave the following (3rd day) morning when I went to work. And I do not exceed even 1/3 of the 14 days medical leave for this year)
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