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11/02/2009 09:56:56
Re: 休假应该有多少天?

2/1,9/1,16/1 & 24/1 ~ off day
20/1-22/1 ~ MC
25/1 ~ shop closed for CNY (Unpay Leave)
26/1 & 27/1 ~ PH
28/1-31/1 apply Unpay Leave with approval
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KL Siew
11/02/2009 12:28:29
I think you should, otherwise he has no rest day for that week.
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11/02/2009 14:47:20
1. 员工拿无薪假期(unpaid leave - UPL)从1/3/09-8/3/09,那么公司也须补他休假(offday)吗?

2. 员工拿UPL 从28/1/09-10/2/09,那么其中应该有两天休假,也要先扣他UPL,然后再补回两天休假给他吗?

3. 员工拿UPL 从24/2/09-2/2/09 with approval or without approval, in between got 2 days PH, how to calculate that?
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KL Siew
11/02/2009 15:56:39
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11/02/2009 16:39:01
1. no, bcox off day should be given after 6 working day per week. if paid it, every one also need to apply UPL, right?

2. no, deduct UPL only

3.(a) if he still services in our company,
24/1-25/1 UPL
26/1-27/1 PH
28/1-2/2 UPL

(b) if he resign after taken UPL, stricly calculate working day for that month is 23 days only.

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KL Siew
11/02/2009 16:54:28
I really don't understand why you allow employees to take so much NPL. I think should this happen again, salary for the whole period of NPL will be deducted irrespective whether there are off days or ph in between. Furthermore, you should also strictly discourage workers from taking NPL.
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12/02/2009 09:46:48
thanks for your advise !!!!
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