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KC Joon
12/06/2014 14:22:07
Re: Compensation Claims

I had my services terminated on 31/5/14 due to closure of Co. and was only paid my last month (May) salary. My Appointment Letter states that ternination notice is 3 months by either party. I wish to claim for my compensation inclusive of outstanding annual leave. However my salary is RM5000.00, with RM150.00 for mobile phone and RM400.00 for petrol allowances. IRD cannot accept my claims as it is over RM5000.00. Understand that Labour Court also unable to file my claims to due salary.
What should I do and is my next course of action? Would appreciate your expert advice and assistance.
Thank you/KC
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KL Siew
13/06/2014 10:32:37
Then, you may have to claim it through the civil court. If you think it is worthwhile, you can consult a lawyer how to go about it. If the amount of claim is small, it may not worth going through it.
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