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25/04/2014 15:50:43
Re: Resign


I work as a admin in my company. they require me to serve 2 month notice for termination and I've served according to their requirement. But on my last day (8/4/14), they say i have not finish my job and require me to go back continue to work until my task is finish and up to date.

1) Should i go back to continue my task as they require without extra pay?

2) They hold my March Allowance (March i work full month) with the reason of i haven't settle the utilities refund cases between the company and gov sector. Do they have the right to hold my allowance and salary because of this?

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KL Siew
25/04/2014 17:22:23
1. You don;t have to go back if you don't agree to do so.
2. You may have to complain to the Labour Department if you cannot get the matter properly resolved with the employer.
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26/04/2014 01:37:01
Thank you so much for your advise. Will seek help with the Labour Department if really can't solve it.
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