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25/03/2014 15:48:37
Re: Salary Calculation

1. My staff start work on 10/3, so can I calculate the salary like this (RM2000/26 x 18days)?

2. Staff given 1 month notice to resign for eg. she give letter on 6/3/14 so last day will be on 6/4/14 right, but 6 is on sunday so her last day will be 4/4/14? So i calculate the salary for april need calculate this (RM2000/26 x 6days) or (RM2000/26 x 4days)?
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KL Siew
25/03/2014 16:16:29
1. Since it is monthly, the calculation should be 2000/31 x 22 days.
2. The last day should be 5/4/14. 2000/30 x 5.
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