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09/02/2009 11:59:14
Re: 辞职要多久的通知。。。。

我的朋友在一间理发店工作,她在那间公司上班不到一年,也没有什么合约,也没有appointment letter, 也没有任何的comfirm letter…所有如果她打辞职信的话,可以只是给老板几天的时间, 3天,一个星期,两个星期呢,还是要一个月的通知。。。。。如果她跟老板辞职(口头上说的)而且老板也答应了,但到时不出工钱,我的朋友该怎么办?

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KL Siew
09/02/2009 12:35:35
Must give a month notice.

For the deduction, your colleague better make a complaint at the Labour Department.
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10/02/2009 14:52:46
我要请教您,我在01.02.2009 呈交我的辞职信,在信上我是工作至09.03.2009
但是老板要我工作至15.02.2009(因为我16.02.2009-20.02.2009 去 旅行)我的休息曰是星期三,(我们是七天工作日)

我可以达应 ,但是我要求给足一个月薪水,那是和理吗?

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KL Siew
10/02/2009 15:22:27
No problem if your employer agrees. Otherwise you may have to make a claim at the Labour Department.
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10/02/2009 16:45:35
Need your help, i'am working at this office since joined on 15June08. until now i have't receive any confirmation letter from company, if i want to tender a letter can i go off this office in 24 hours without any legal action from this company.
And please to advice you that this is the Notice of Termination which wrote by this company:
Such employment shall continue until terminated by either party with a 1-month written notice for termination of employment, or one month's salary in lieu of such notice. The Management reserves the right to terminate your employment without notice or payments in lieu of such notice for any public and/or private misconduct, negligence of duty or dishonesty to company affairs.

Awaiting for your reply.
Thank you
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KL Siew
10/02/2009 18:35:50
Mun, you have to give 1 month notice or 1 month salary in lieu if you give 24 hours notice. What the company said about terminating without notice is for different matters like misconduct and so on. This does not mean you can also leave without notice.
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