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03/12/2009 22:12:27
Re: resignation

I have sign up an offer letter and suppose to start work on 1/10/09 but I fail to turn up on that day. After 2 days the HR Manager call me and request me to send him resignation letter to close file and I just send the letter as per request. In fact the offer letter got stated during probation period need to give 1month notice for termination either each party. Now the HR manager want to claim me 1 month salary RM4200 due to short notice given to them. The claim letter also cc to Jabatan Tenaga Kerja Selangor and I receive letter from Jabatan to attend the case on this 28/12. What should I do?
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KL Siew
04/12/2009 07:58:49
Well, you will have to explain that at the JTK on 28/12. It looks like a mistake to send in that resignation letter. Next time, don't take up a job when you are not serious about it.
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07/12/2009 22:46:22
May I know at the moment I need to engage lawyer and attend on that day?
May I know normally this case the winning chances got?
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07/12/2009 22:51:27
If really need engage lawyer,do you have any recommend one?
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