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03/12/2009 16:23:40
Re: Annual Leaves

HI Siew,

Would like to seek your professional advice on annual leaves entitlement.
My offer letter stated AL entitlement is 18 days. However, After I had joined the company for a year, I recently checked the company employee handbook and found out that my staff grading should entitled for 21 days. When I asked HR, HR told me that I should follow the Offer letter.

I feel it is unfair to me that some staff with lower grade than me entitled 21 days where I only get 18 days. How can we know a company policies and employee book contents when we sign the offer letter. If everything i followed offer letter, then what is the need of the employee handbook?
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KL Siew
03/12/2009 16:57:47
Check the handbook see if there is any clause stating that it supersedes or takes precedence over the offer letter or contract of service or vice versa. If none, that is something you have to iron out with your HR as there could be other contradicting clauses.
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03/11/2010 14:04:46
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10/05/2012 13:02:28
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