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23/11/2009 12:42:03
Re: medical leave

1)One year got 14 medical leave, if a new staff is coming in oct'09, he got how many days? 14days or 14/12*3?

2)A new staff is working at my company 2 month ago. In this 2 month, he applicant 5 days (medical leave). In labour law, this 5 day my company wan to approved or no? is approve 5 day or wan to calculate how day are he to applicant?

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KL Siew
23/11/2009 12:58:30
1. Still 14 days even he started his employment in October.

2. He is entitled to the 5 days medical leave with pay.

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02/08/2010 22:32:35
I would like to very strict question here. I was sick 1week and no energy to wake up heading to work falling morning even unable to pick up call from my workers friend, feel very very tired and exhausted. The company say to me I should report to work on next falling morning but the end i didn't turn up and ask me to resign,. Is this reasonable, A workers was hardworking for the company and everything good to company and the workers did not come to work for 2days ask me resign immediately!! I was sick very exhausted till unwake even no energy to wake up eat my breakfast and lunch,dinner...I never try before i really sick very badly but till the end what i gain from the company? I gain nothing i was told my director and few director and superior and above, My health is more important than work! If i don't take care my health who gonna to take care me? I need someone here to verify and investigation with seriously is totally unreasonable.!
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