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20/11/2009 23:55:34
Re: Dismissal

Dear KL Siew,

My boss has decided to terminate one of HR personel who is not doing her job. She is prompt to make mistakes in all areas of her work, include typo errors in almost every Letter of Employment, inclusive of salary figure. She is always missing during office hours because her superior is not working full time in the office. She apply leaves on and off and now she is frequently on unpaid leaves
My boss has decided to terminate her and we would like to know how much is the max compensation we need the pay her? Her monthly salary is around RM6,500 and working for 10 years in the company. My boss only gave verbal warning so far.

Can we dismiss her in 24 hrs by paying her 15 days wages for each years of service.

What if she complaints to labour dept, what will happen to the company?

Thank you very much in advance for your valuable advice.
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KL Siew
21/11/2009 09:02:26
It is quite unbelievable to make those complaints about her work after she has been working for 10 years. Since she is not covered by the Employment Act, the company can discuss the quantum of payment with her. If you talk about the EA, termination benefit for such a case is 20 days wages for each year of service.

Anyway, if you do that, I think she has very strong case against the company. You better consult the Industrial Relations Department before taking that action.
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