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30/10/2009 17:34:05
Re: Calculation on resignation

Hello, my company has a bad performance employee and we have given him 1st warning letter and temporary suspended his job function until future notice.

But, the 2nd day after his received the warning letter his started SMS us he is on MC. After his absence 2 weeks later he call up and said that he willing to resign and when can get the salary payment. We inform him we only can given payment after receive resignation letter because his absence too many days and his summit 2 days later with 2 days MC instead of 2 weeks.

And, now I will to know how many should we pay to him.

Salary: RM1300
Allowance: RM300
Absence date: 19/03/09 to 29/03/09 (9 working days only summit 1 day MC)
Last date of service: 29/03/2009

Salary: RM1300 / 31days x 29days = RM1216.13
11% EPF: RM1, 216.13 x 11% = RM 134.00
Allowance: RM 300 / 31days x 18days = RM 174.19
Unpaid leave: RM1300 / 26days x 8days = RM400.00

Total payment due to him: RM 1216.13 RM 134.00 + RM 174.19 RM 400.00 = RM 856.32

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KL Siew
30/10/2009 19:51:15
I think he should be happy with your calculation. It looks like you are overpaying him. Why allowance does not attract EPF? To me, it should be (1600/31) x 18 - (EPF,SOCSO)
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31/10/2009 10:18:58
Actually we want to terminate him, but since his willing to resign this is better than what we expected.

In the appointment letter mention only salary attract EPF and SOCSO.

Thank you for your help.
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KL Siew
01/11/2009 09:10:23
My advice is that you be careful about what is stated in the appointment letter. You may end up paying huge EPF arrears later on. Consult EPF to make sure.
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02/11/2009 12:36:29
Thank you for your advice
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