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22/10/2009 21:17:16
Re: company cancel my leaves

I applied the annual leave 1 month earlier and the management already appoved it.

the today (22/10) my company out a memo said that due to stock take on 31/10, the employees are not allow to on leave on the mentioned date.

I infrmed my management, they

I actually go for a trip fom 28/10 - 31/10. want me to cancel my leave or postpone it.

28-29/10, are my off days.
30/10- 1/11, i applied annual leaves.

Is there mu company have the right to cancel my leaves?
As they inform us about the stake take days less than 10 days??

I already book my flights and hotel.
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KL Siew
23/10/2009 08:50:29
That would surely make you very unhappy. But, this is more an internal matter and is best to find an amicable solution through discussion as there is no one who has the authority to say the company can or cannot do that or you can go on the trip or cannot go. .
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23/10/2009 09:42:21
Which means that, the company can simply cancel my leaves?
Is totally unfair to employee. The want to apply leave at least 2 weeks in advance.
Otherwise they have right to not approve it.

But the company just can cancel without earlier 2 weeks inform.

Really unfair!

I have bought the tickets and book the hotel.
If they cancel my leaves I can ask them for reimbuse??
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KL Siew
23/10/2009 10:46:48
Another way, you may also consult the Labour Department see whether they give you some useful advice.
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