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Mrs Lai
13/10/2009 14:29:52
Re: Termination

Hello, my company has a bad performance employee, my boss have decided to terminate him and if the party go to IR dept complaints. What kind of compensation does the company need to make?
His information is as follows:
1. Job: Despatch cum driver (>95% as drivers)

2. Salary: RM 1,300.00

3. Work Experience: 2 years and 4 months (since 04/06/07)

4. Dismissal reasons (only Verbal warning):
i) Often taken phone call and no buckle safety belt while driving
ii) Not submit illegal parking summon and not reported the car accident occurred due to negligence until received summon by police.

5. MD decided to dismiss him in 24 hours and give him one month's compensation, will the company still lose anything else?

7. If he went to IR dept complaints, what will happen for the company?

Thank you
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KL Siew
13/10/2009 16:47:00
The company will also have to pay termination benefit amounting of 15 days' wages for each years of service. In his case, it comes to (1300x12)/365 x (15 days x 2.5 years of service) = RM1602.74
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Mrs Lai
13/10/2009 19:42:43
The verbal warning mention above have a witness, the company still need to pay him on this case.

p/s: He having monthly allowance of RM300 (mention on the appointment letter can taken back by the management)
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KL Siew
13/10/2009 22:13:22
You better consult the Labour Department or the IR Department whether you really have to pay or not.
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