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13/10/2009 08:33:47
Re: resignation

if the staff tender resignation with 3 month notice, but he request the employer to release him 1 month earlier, and the employer also agreed, pls adv is his salary to be calculated only till his last reporting day ( 1 month ealier as expected ) ? or he still entitle to claim his salary till his actual last notice day ?
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KL Siew
13/10/2009 11:08:03
To be paid up to his last working day only. You better get him to put in writing his request for early release.
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03/12/2009 21:58:37
I have sign up new company letter offer which should start work on 1/10/2009 but I fail to turn up. After 2 days the HR Manager call me to give resignation letter to close the file and I just did it as per request. In fact the letter offer does stated need given 1 month notice during probation period. Now the manager send me claim letter for 1 month salary due to my short notice.and the letter also cc to Jabatan Tenaga Kerja selangor. I receive letter from Jabatan asking me to attend the case and want claiming me RM4200, what should I do?
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