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02/10/2009 18:08:56
Re: Re:Salary

Hi Siew , i would like to know that ,i start to work frm 5th and off once a week. total 4 days off.
My salary is RM1200.00 but than company only paid me 19 days salary .what about my off day salary? company should pay me also right ?

please reply me as soon as possible .

thank you
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KL Siew
03/10/2009 08:26:22
How much did they pay you and how was it calculated?

To me, if it was for September, you should get (1200/30) x 26 (5/9 to 30/9)
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03/10/2009 10:58:44
Hi , thank for ur reply , i understand. they only pay me 19days salary and i know company should pay me 26days including my off day. i will talk to my account department.

thank you

frm laura

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11/11/2009 19:16:27
this november i work til 13 november( friday) then how is the salary count? izit will include the weekend of the week means 14 & 15 november? my salary is it (600/30) X 13 or (600/30) X 15??
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