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04/02/2009 18:25:57
Re: Terminated by company

I started working in this company from 25th Feb 2008.
I was asking for my confirmation letter after 3 months probation period from my boss few times.
But he always gave me a same reason: you have no performance, I canít confirm you.
He didnít give me any letter for extend my probation period too.
And he always asked me to do the work out of my job until I am doing 3 positions in this company now.

When the day company is giving bonus to all the staffs before Chinese New Year 2009, my boss terminated me immediately without any letter. He was giving me 2 days notice. And I was disagree as what he did so I told him I am remember he should gives me a termination letter as the employment letter. 7 days notice for under probation, 1 month notice for after confimation.

He forced me to resign, but I was not agree to do that. At the end he gave me a letter with 30 days notice and my last day will be on 19 Feb 2009.

Please help me! What can I do?

Can I request my annual leave back from him? My company need to compensate 1 month salary to me?
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KL Siew
04/02/2009 20:20:05
Since you have been given notice, there will be no compensation for you. However you may ask for you balance of annual leave if any. You may approach the Labour Office or the Industrial Relations Department for further advice.
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05/02/2009 10:30:00
means my boss fire me like so sudden also no compensation?
may i have the contact of Industrial Relations Department?
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05/02/2009 11:23:06
You can ask the telephone operator or check from
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