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Evy Lim
25/09/2009 12:34:25
Re: Leave after holiday

My company Hari Raya holiday from 19 Sep~22Sep.
Before holiday I keep asking my malay staff waether want to take leave or not, after asking at least 3 times she said "will come to work".
But until today 25 Sep, she didn't come & inform. The worst thing is don't even pick up the phone. What is the right for an employer? Can we claim as UPL? Or what are the legal action we can take?Thanks.
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KL Siew
25/09/2009 16:55:58
We don't know what had happened exactly. May be still busy celebrating Raya, may be landed in hospital or may be she does not want to work anymore. When she comes back, you may give her warning, you may treat the period of absence as UPL or you may even tell her to go home as she has already broken her contract of service by absenting herself without reasons for more than two consecutive working days.
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Evy Lim
29/09/2009 12:48:14
Thanks for your reply.

Happy Mooncake Festival!!!
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