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apple koh
11/08/2009 20:21:08
Re: 上司责骂以达到逼自动辞职可以告吗?


我公司盛传年底会与另一间Under 1 group 的公司合并

今天上司责骂说: " 如果不要做就resign, 你不走我骂到你走"之类的话
我就填了resignation form, 同时在离职原因的空格著名: superior instruct to resign. 要是我的老板签名接受我的resignation,
我的月薪RM 3000, 可以的到多少赔偿呢?
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KL Siew
14/08/2009 20:56:48
If you signed the resignation form, you are making things very difficult for yourself. There is little hope you can get any compensation. Have you really resigned?
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