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xavier lee
01/08/2009 09:16:33
Re: aggrement problem

hi, mr siew , need to trouble you again , i would like to know isn't in 1 factory for each worker( i means whatever is staff or operator also need to making 1 aggrement to sign as a prof ?)
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KL Siew
01/08/2009 11:56:45
Every employee is entitled to be given a written contract of service or appointment letter stating clearly the terms and conditions of service.
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xavier lee
05/08/2009 08:11:39
thankz ur reply.
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31/08/2009 23:31:19
开店到现在有两年了, 我没有给过员工签APPOINTMENT LETTER, 现在人数多了, 怕麻烦,所以我现在才开始给员工签, 请问有什么问题的吗? 会不会被罚款. 谢谢....
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