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23/07/2009 23:12:05
Re: Absent after off day ot

My company foreign worker is absent after his off day OT. I should pay this foreign worker double or just normal rate?
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KL Siew
24/07/2009 09:00:03
I don't think you can do it for his OT but you can take action against him for his absence if it was without reasonable excuse.
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24/07/2009 10:50:07
I need to get some advise regards the oversea currency claims,
do you have any idea ?
if one of our sales go to singapore for company business about one whole week, now he submit his claims on SGD currency, what is the correct & actual rate & date that I should refer to convert into MYR ?
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KL Siew
24/07/2009 11:23:43
Lois, I really don't know. Since you asked, I would venture to say it should be the current rate. If the the value of the MYR has gone down against SGD, it's just too bad for you. Had the value of the MYR gone up, too bad for him.
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