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04/07/2009 21:45:13
Re: 辞职问题

我在这间公司工作已经超过一年!我的月薪是RM1550! 在工作期间,我没有签署appointment letter 和 confirm letter!在五月份的时候, 由于我晚上我有修读课程, 我就要求老板提早让我下班! 老板也答应了!所以, 我五月份的薪水已经扣除我提早下班的时间! 但是,六月份的薪水,老板就直接以时薪计算的方式, 发薪水给我, 把我当成一个part time staff! 只有EPF 和 Socso, 没有annual leave 和 medical claim! 我觉得很不公平! 如果我要辞职的话, 要给一个月通知 还是 24 小时就可以离开?
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KL Siew
05/07/2009 09:04:11
If you are a non manual worker, since your salary is more than RM1500, you are therefore not covered by the Employment Act. It is up to you to decide whether to give one month or 24 hours notice if you and your employer didn't have such agreement.
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