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17/01/2009 13:01:08
Re: company letter

i start kerja from 1.11.08 sampai sekarang, 5days work...
now i receive company letter...u c the letter,,,i taip 2 u c...

Date: 14.1.09
Re: termination of employment

We refer to the above matter.

Pursuant to Clause 5 of the Letter of Appointment dated 21.10.08, we hereby give you 2 months notice of termination of your employment with our firm as our management could not be able to comfrom you under our employment during the probation.

During the said 2 months notice you still shall abide to the rules and regulations and carry out your duty diligently and to take instruction from management and solicitor in charge of bm branch.

1.macam ni, i cant suh boss kan?
2.dia peru ganti duit bagi i ah? tinggal leave ada tukar duit bagi i ah?
3. i nak tulis resign letter is from 14.1.09 -14.3.09 betul ah?
4. or tulis i receive letter is 17.1.09-17.3.09?
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KL Siew
17/01/2009 13:42:47
If you keep on writing with this sort of language, wherever you work employer will sack you. Take my advice, must change, otherwise you will get no where.

Now about your termination of service, If you think it is not fair, you can complain to the Industrial Relations Department after finishing working the two months.
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18/01/2009 20:39:32
1. Wat means is Industrial Relations Department ? is Labor Office?
2. If i must write resign letter 's date is from receive letter 17.1.09 date or letter date 14.1.09?
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KL Siew
20/01/2009 08:54:41
I would suggest you visit the nearby Labour Office and talk to some of the officers. You would be able to understand that way. It is difficult to explain in a few words.
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09/11/2009 21:31:07


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