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02/07/2009 13:18:20
Re: Warning letter

If my worker working 'biao xian & tai du' no good,he work 4 months already,is it if i kick him out company i nid pay 2 months his basic? 2.)if i giv warning letter for 2 times,if he stil no change himself,if i kick him out i stil nid to pay for 2 months?
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KL Siew
02/07/2009 13:32:22
It depends on what grounds you want to kick him out: on grounds of misconduct or just normal termination of service.

1. If on grounds of misconduct, you better hold a domestic inquiry to inquiry into the misconduct before you give the necessary punishment as mentioned in section 14 of the Employment Act.

2. For termination of service without notice, you will have to pay 2 months salary in lieu.
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26/08/2009 11:21:55
warning letter 的有效时期是多久呢? 是直到员工离职为止吗?
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